Tonnage Measurement and British Registration
Part I Registration

It is strongly recommended that you register your vessel if you are planning to voyage overseas and registration may also be required by a Finance Company to record a mortgage on a vessel.

Furthermore Registration on Part I of the British Registry entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Enables you to prove title to your boat.
  • Allows you to record a marine mortgage.
  • Provides internationally acceptable documentation to ease passage to foreign ports.
  • Entitles you to protection from the Royal Navy and the services of British Consuls.
  • Can enhance the resale of your vessel.
  • Provides proof of date of build in respect of the EU Recreational Craft Directive.
  • Ensures that your boat's name is unique on Part I.

You need to register if...

  • you intend to leave UK waters.
  • you want to fly the Red Ensign.
  • you want to register a mortgage on a boat.

In order to register your vessel you must be a British Citizen. Further details are available on the Registry site at: or

Boatcare Yacht Surveys are Nominated Surveyors for British Registration through the YDSA.

This means that once you have decided to register your vessel and applied to the YDSA, we will visit and measure your vessel and complete the necessary documentation to verify your vessels unique identity (Tonnage Survey) for the issue of your Certificate of Registration.

We can guide you through the registration process and paperwork or alternatively we can arrange for the completion of your registration application and documentation on your behalf from name choice to Registration and supplying and fixing the tonnage/registration plate.