The Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Boat Inspection

Specifically tailored for the intended purchase of a vessel and designed to allow you to make an informed and balanced purchase decision.

Do not confuse the Boatbuy yacht survey with the usual Condition Survey as the scope, detail, and information are significantly more involved.

The Boatbuy Survey includes all major elements of a Full Condition Survey, with the inclusion of additional comment upon the general maintenance requirements, serviceability and cosmetic appearance of the vessel and equipment and comment upon exceptional or outstandingly good or bad items and an independent valuation as a valuable second opinion for peace of mind.

Whilst such items may not affect the structural integrity of the vessel these may have an impact upon market desirability and/or valuation of the vessel and therefore represent important considerations for a prospective purchaser.

The Boatbuy Survey report will give you a clear and realistic assessment of the vessel with detailed breakdown of recommendations and action points clearly graded as essential, recommended and advisory and will serve as a useful ongoing maintenance manual for your vessel.

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